Luna Productions and Inyo Productions present
in association with the San Mateo County Historical Association

Produced and Directed by Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg


2006 Rhode Island
International Film Festival


“the remarkable history of a remarkable mansion…”

“…an intriguing and well told story of many twists and turns…”
 Casa Magazine

“Magnificent…not just about a house, but a window into the lives of the well-to-do in America for the last 100 years…”
 San Mateo County Times

“a beautifully crafted tale.…”
 Mercury, Newport Rhode Island
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Swansea Bay, Wales Film Festival (UK) - June 2007
Tiburon Film Society Presents -
May 3rd, 2007
Everett Women's Film Festival
Everett, WA – March 2007
10th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival – April 2007
Palm Springs Film Festival – Jan 2007
Ojai Film Festival – Oct 2006
Mill Valley Film Festival – Oct 2006
San Diego Film Festival – Sept 2006
Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival – Aug 2006
Waterfront Film Festival – June 2006
Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival – April 2006
Newport Beach Film Festival – April 2006
Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival – Feb 2006

Three Women and a Chateau, a feature length documentary film, is the story of an heiress, a countess, a doctor. . . and a 100-year love affair with a 100-room architectural masterpiece, Chateau Carolands.

When Chateau Carolands was built in 1915 in Hillsborough, California, it was one of the largest private homes in America. But by 1990 it was a decaying ruin with leaks in the roof and cracks in the walls; a weed-choked, abandoned hulk that had become the site of an assault and near-murder of a local teenage girl and the surreptitious set for a hardcore porno film.

Today, with an in-depth documentary film and book chronicling its checkered but glorious past, and with a multi-million dollar restoration, Chateau Carolands is once again a house that can be considered among the very finest private residences in America, possibly in the world.


About the Film

Filmed over two years on location in Hillsborough, California, Three Women and a Chateau draws upon extensive archival research from around the globe and a stellar team of technical and artistic professionals to bring to life the fascinating history of this illustrious home.

With stunning cinematography and an original score by Academy Award-winner Todd Boekelheide, the 81-minute film is a fitting tribute to this grand house, its checkered but glorious past, and its now promising future.

Currently, Three Women and a Chateau is screening in festivals around the world, prior to broadcast distribution. DVD copies of the film will become available later in 2007.


About the Filmmakers

Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg have spent the last two decades making award-winning documentaries as editors, directors and producers. Their awards include two Emmy Awards, a Director’s Guild of America nomination for Outstanding Documentary Director, and a film short-listed for an Academy Award nomination. Their films have been broadcast on major television networks and screened at film festivals around the world, winning more than 10 “Best Documentary in Festival” awards.

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